Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What Makes A Great Fitness Instructor

After a couple days at various gyms across the city, I believe I have an idea of what makes a trainer stand out. Everyone has their own style and motivational skills, but certain traits and characteristics can be helpful or hurtful.

Things that make them GREAT:
  • When they memorize your name! I understand that a fitness instructor probably see around 50 people during the day and that memorizing names is next to impossible. That's why when they do memorize it, it really makes them stand out! It's also extremely motivating when you start to slack and suddenly, from the gallows, you hear "Cassidy.... I see you. Keep going!" It's a little terrifying when your name comes booming across the classroom, but it works!
  • When they give you time to breathe! I get that you are trying to increase my endurance, but I don't think complete lack of or me dying from lack of air is going to help. I'm not asking for a solid ten minutes to catch my breathe, but rather a small amount of time to compose myself. When instructors do this, it's TRULY a life saver.
  • When they demonstrate the exercise! It's wonderful that you know what a front weighted squats with a tricep extension is, but for us newbies, it's rocket science. Not only is the lingo new, but the form is extremely tricky and very important. Correct form can prevent injuries and also is the only way to yield the results that people want. Demonstrating the moves takes all of four seconds and helps everyone in the class.
  • When they are actually enjoying themselves! Look, I am all about an instructor that pushes me to my limits, but if you don't crack a smile once or like to imitate a stereotypical sergeant in the Marine Corps, you're not the one for me. No one wants to have a hour long workout with someone that seems like they don't want to be there. In order for us to stay motivated, we have to feel like our success matters to you. 

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